The talents of expert artisans are finding their way to premium and more sustainable amenity kits for Delta One® customers next month, through a partnership with the Mexico-based brand Someone Somewhere.
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  • Premium products that deliver cultural, economic, social and environmental impact increasingly define the Delta experience.
  • Kits launch onboard in the Delta One® cabin starting in February.

Across the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Michoacán, artisans keep alive a centuries-old regional style of weaving that produces the vibrant, instantly recognizable textile patterns of their homeland. The delicate, coordinated mechanics of the chicotillo loom is a craft passed down through generations. Now, the talents of these expert artisans are finding their way to premium and more sustainable amenity kits for Delta One® customers next month, through a partnership with the Mexico-based brand Someone Somewhere.

A Someone Somewhere artisan holding a Delta One amenity kit.

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“As one of the most trusted consumer brands in the world, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to make values-led business decisions that not only deliver on our vision but also positively impact our communities,” said Sam Sibble, Director of Supply Chain at Delta. “At Delta, we’re challenging ourselves to put ever more thought and care into how and from where we source our products. Partnerships like this align with our vision of providing a premium and unique onboard experience while also driving social, economic and environmental impact.”

Someone Somewhere is a Certified B Corporation apparel brand that combines traditional handcrafts with innovative products which preserves artisan traditions. Their mission is to empower the artisans they work with – 75% of whom are women – to be recognized as independent income-earning leaders in their communities. 

“Many of these artisans have been honing their skill for years without recognition,” said Antonio Nuño, CEO and co-founder of Someone Somewhere. “Through this project, they have seen the impact and the value of their work – and are being paid fairly for it. It is our privilege to do everything we can to make sure Delta customers know the story behind the kits in their hands.”

Delta’s partnership with Someone Somewhere has already generated jobs for over 250 people in five of Mexico's most vulnerable states. Delta customers can meet the artisan who created their amenity kit and even send them a note by scanning a QR code on the kit’s label.

“The final result of our work is a piece of art for Delta’s customers,” said Someone Somewhere artisan Lucero M. “Our art is made possible through the collaboration between Someone Somewhere, Delta, and our community alliance.”

A Someone Somewhere Amenity Kit

Beyond delivering cultural, economic and social benefits, the kits also have a significant environmental impact: they will help reduce Delta’s annual plastic use by up to 90,000 pounds by eliminating five single-use plastic items such as zippers and packaging. The traditional loom techniques and artisanal production processes also eliminate waste.


The new Delta One amenity kits, which launch onboard in February 2022, will come in five different designs that Someone Somewhere artisans created especially for Delta with our customers in mind.

The kits include sustainable products such as a Someone Somewhere eye mask, Humble Co. bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste, and Grown Alchemist lip balm and lotion.

A Someone Somewhere Amenity Kit.

Grown Alchemist, Delta’s new skincare partner, is a leading force in clean beauty. The brand formulates natural and luxurious products that improve health and beauty. Delta’s amenity kit features Grown Alchemist’s vanilla, watermelon lip balm and vanilla, orange peel hand cream.

Delta’s work with Someone Somewhere is the latest in a series of efforts to partner with small and diverse suppliers – like-minded businesses that drive profound impact in their communities and the planet. It’s a meaningful demonstration of our core values at work.

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