The PARALLEL REALITY™ experience


  • The world’s first-ever PARALLEL REALITY™ experience is now live for departing and connecting Delta customers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
  • The PARALLEL REALITY display allows up to 100 customers to each see their personalized flight information on a single digital screen -- at the same time. Each customer who opts in can see only their flight information.  
  • This mind-blowing technology helps create a more streamlined and personalized airport experience for customers, allowing them to navigate the airport with ease and eliminating the need to search for their specific flight among rows on a departure board.
  •  Customers can opt in to the voluntary PARALLEL REALITY experience simply by scanning a boarding pass or using Delta’s digital ID technology for an airport journey that’s intuitive, enjoyable and seamlessly connected.
Customer at DTW looking at the new PARALLEL REALITY experience screen
Customers departing from Detroit Metropolitan Airport can now access PARALLEL REALITY™ technology, a must-be-seen-to-be-believed experience that demonstrates Delta’s spirit of innovation and commitment to customers.

How it works

  • The proprietary multi-view pixel technology within PARALLEL REALITY displays can direct different-colored light to each of many viewing zones, allowing multiple people simultaneously looking at the same display to each see their own unique, personalized content.
  • Customers must opt in at the registration kiosk to engage with the experience. Once you opt in, a private viewing zone is created at your location, and the display directs relevant flight information to that zone.
  • An overhead sensor detects your presence and location, using anonymous non-biometric object detection (the sensor sees you as an object, without recognizable features).
  • As you move around, the non-biometric overhead sensor continually shifts your private zone to your new location. This allows you to see your own personalized content even as you move within the viewing area.
  • Once you exit the PARALLEL REALITY experience viewing area, you must opt in again at the registration counter to see your personalized flight information again.

How to experience the exhibit

Step 1 – After moving through security at Detroit, you will see the PARALLEL REALITY display near the Delta Sky Club (Concourse A, McNamara Terminal). Your PARALLEL REALITY experience begins at the registration kiosk.

Step 2 – At the kiosk, tap the display and use one of three ways to opt in:

  • Scan a digital boarding pass from the FlyDelta app
  • Scan a paper boarding pass
  • Use your digital ID* (for eligible customers)

Customers who do not want to participate in the PARALLEL REALITY experience can continue walking through the airport as they normally would, and they will see generic imagery on the display.

Step 3 – Enter the viewing area to see your personalized greeting and wayfinding instructions – visible only to you. You will see your personalized information on the display as long as you remain within the viewing area.

Step 4 – Continue through your airport journey and proceed to your gate using the wayfinding information from the display.

*Note: Digital ID customers may also initiate the experience by scanning their boarding pass. Digital ID consists of a passenger’s passport number and Known Traveler Number (as issued through TSA PreCheck® membership).


Where can I experience PARALLEL REALITY technology?

  • PARALLEL REALITY is available as a beta experience at DTW (Concourse A of the McNamara Terminal). It is only available for departing and connecting Delta customers at Detroit, and a boarding pass with a SkyTeam partner (e.g. Air France, KLM) is not eligible at this time.

Does PARALLEL REALITY technology use facial recognition to identify customers from the flight information screen?

  • No. PARALLEL REALITY technology uses anonymous non-biometric object detection to direct customers’ flight information to their unique viewing zone. These sensors do not detect facial features.
  • The only area where facial recognition can be used is during the opt-in process at the registration desk for digital ID-eligible customers.  Customers have three ways to opt in: they can scan their paper boarding pass; scan their mobile boarding pass; or use their digital ID (facial scan). For those who choose to use digital ID, it is only for the purpose of retrieving flight information, not for tracking. The PARALLEL REALITY experience does not track faces or other biometric features.

How is biometric data used, if customers access the PARALLEL REALITY experience through digital ID?

  • Delta does not store biometric data and has no plans to.
  • The PARALLEL REALITY experience only works for customers who opt in, either by scanning their boarding pass or doing a facial scan (for Delta's digital ID customers). Digital ID, available to SkyMiles members with a TSA PreCheck membership and a passport, is completely optional for customers to select during the flight check-in process. For customers who access the experience through digital ID, all information that displays on the screen is pulled from the Fly Delta app.
  • Once customers leave the designated viewing area in front of the PARALLEL REALITY-powered flight information screen, the experience will no longer work for them, and their information is deleted. Motion-detection sensors are only activated for customers who opt in, and who stay within the viewing area.

How will the PARALLEL REALITY display appear to customers who don't opt in to the experience? 

  • Customers who don't opt in will see generic content and branded Delta messaging. 

Where will Delta roll out the PARALLEL REALITY experience next? 

  • Right now, the PARALLEL REALITY experience is only available at the Detroit Metro Airport. DTW was chosen because of its unique layout, which includes a centralized hallway ideal for hosting a large display that many Delta customers can view simultaneously.  
  • Customer and employee feedback on the beta experience is crucial in shaping future applications and iterations of PARALLEL REALITY experiences.  

Is this the first place PARALLEL REALITY technology is being used? Where might PARALLEL REALITY exist outside of the airport?

Yes, we’re thrilled to bring the first public installation of PARALLEL REALITY technology in the world to DTW. The PARALLEL REALITY experience can be applied in any public setting where individuals would benefit from seeing unique, personalized content tailored to their needs and preferences. Future applications of the technology could include stadiums, shopping centers, entertainment venues and more.

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Jul 15, 2022 2:30pm