Julietta McCurry
For Julieta McCurry, her job isn’t about brand strategy or ad placements, she told AdWeek . It’s all about connecting with the customer. The advertising outlet recently highlighted McCurry, Delta’s...
An ad from Delta's 'Dream Up, L.A.' campaign
LAist, a popular blog that covers all things Los Angeles, praises Delta for its recently updated L.A. ad campaign. 'Delta has officially won the niche marketing game," the blog said.
Hot Topics' 100 Most Innovative CMOs
Online tech community Hot Topics named Tim Mapes, Delta’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, among the 100 Most Innovative CMOs globally.
Aircraft in Mid Flight
Dan Csont will join Delta as Vice President of Brand Management. He will oversee the airline’s product development and customer experience programs, brand design and marketing communications programs.
Screenshot of Delta Travel Stickers
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Text message using Delta Travel Stickers
With the new Delta Travel Stickers for iMessage, travelers can add a little color to texts celebrating their next adventure.
Delta released a video evoking unity with a nod to flying and complementing the airline’s sponsorship of the #WhoWeAre campaign.
The video uses interviews with kids to pay tribute to Delta dads for the role they play both in caring for their children and caring for customers each day.
Delta is partnering to better distribute its product content via Routehappy, a platform that helps create, manage and deliver targeted ticket and product content. “Delta is committed to ensuring our...
You Can’t Stop Seattle – that is the message Delta is sending with the launch of a locally relevant, regional ad campaign targeting customers in Delta’s growing West Coast hub. The campaign is marked...