A curated selection of classes from MasterClass await Delta customers this summer, thanks to a new partnership with the streaming platform – alongside latest hit movies, bingeable TV shows and curated playlists.
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Travel is more than where you’re going – it’s a collection of the memories, experiences and ideas you gather along your journey.

Delta is tapping into the power of discovery and celebrating the learning lifestyle by partnering with MasterClass, the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best, to offer exclusive in-flight access to select classes directly from Delta Studio, the airline’s industry-leading seatback entertainment platform.* The partnership marks the first time MasterClass has made its content available via in-flight entertainment.

“What you learn along your journey is often as important as where you’re headed, and flying on Delta means always having something new to discover,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu – Managing Director, In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-Fi Experience. “Exclusive partnerships with brands our customers love are what really set Delta Studio apart — we’re not only connecting customers to their destinations but also bringing content onboard that ensures they can be their very best when they arrive.”

The partnership is the latest in the airline's efforts to bring the best entertainment to each seatback screen by working with brands customers use in life outside of travel. Delta content includes a partnership with Spotify to reimagine the in-flight audio experience with specially-curated playlists. Our partnership with Peloton offers exclusive instructor-led stretching and meditation classes that help customers feel both mindful and comfortable during travel.

A customer enjoys some of Delta's in-flight wellness offerings.
The best journey is the one that leaves you feeling better upon arrival than departure. Delta is supporting a healthier you with plant-based food options in airports...

Starting in June, customers can pick from a curated selection of classes from MasterClass on Delta Studio. Ranging from 10 to 24 lessons each, these classes are the culmination of stories, skills and everyday wisdom taught by today’s most brilliant minds – from best-selling authors to renowned chefs. Initial classes available include:

  • Mashama Bailey, the James Beard Award–winning chef, dives into the rich layers of cooking Southern food – its history, flavors, dishes and techniques – and shares her approach to preserving traditions while reinventing classic recipes. This class features 10 lessons.
  • Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author and longtime New Yorker writer, teaches writing. Dive into what it takes to capture and reflect big ideas across 24 digestible lessons.
  • Amy Tan, the New York Times best-selling novelist, shares her approach to voice, story, and the craft of bringing narratives to life from beginning to end through 14 lessons.

And this is just the beginning. Delta and MasterClass will make additional classes available in the coming months.

Customers will also find a refreshed selection of hit movies, TV shows and audio content on board this summer, including more than 300 movies, 500+ TV episodes, and 1,000+ audio tracks available through seatback entertainment in June.

Forgot to pack headphones? No problem. Earlier this month, Delta began offering complimentary earbuds for all customers onboard seatback entertainment-equipped aircraft. Learn more about Delta Studio.

Exclusive in-flight entertainment content, all new airport experiences, premium food and beverage options, and fast-streaming Wi-Fi are just some of the things to look forward to this summer. Read more about what to expect on Delta this season.

*Delta’s Boeing 717 aircraft are not equipped with seatback screens.