A restaurant experience at cruising altitude: New food and beverages are taking off in Delta’s latest refresh

Oat milk creamer, seasonal beers and tequila now boarding! With the change in seasons comes big changes for customers’ food and beverage experience on board, including refreshed drink and snack selections, new chef-curated dishes, Delta One service enhancements, exclusive pre-select meal options and more.

From thoughtfully curated menu options to dedicated service touchpoints, customers flying Delta are enjoying an atmosphere at mealtime that feels like a restaurant at cruising altitude.  

This fall, Delta is enhancing its onboard service and offering a variety of premium onboard beer, wine and spirit choices, including tequila and a seasonal beer option; a new oat milk creamer; a new Delta One course; regionally inspired meal options; Atlanta’s very own Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q’s beef short rib; refreshed snack and beverage options; and more. 

“We want every dining experience on a Delta flight to feel exciting for our first-time flyers, our million milers and every customer in between,” said Kristen Manion Taylor, S.V.P of In-Flight Service at Delta. “Our customers and the diverse communities we serve are the heart of everything we do at Delta, especially as we continue to develop inclusive menus and bring new partners and products on board.” 

Read about these new services, items and more below. 


Ready to try something new? Delta is updating some of its onboard snack and beverage offerings this fall, including a new beer as part of our ongoing rotational program, a new SunChips flavor and – for the first time ever – oat milk coffee creamer, all to keep your snacking and sipping exciting.

Click each image for information on new offerings and launch dates. 

SunChips Garden Salsa

All customers can now try mini SunChips Garden Salsa Flavored Whole Grain Snacks during their flight as part of Delta’s complimentary snack offerings.

SunChips are served on all flights over 251 miles.

Oat milk creamer

For the first time ever, Delta will be offering a dairy-free, plant-based creamer option for coffee lovers. Starting Sept. 26, customers can enjoy Lakeland Dairies oat milk creamer on board, in addition to the half and half option that is currently available.

Oat milk creamer will be available on all domestic flights, short-haul international flights and all international flights departing from the U.S.

New snack baskets

Need a morning pick me up? Beginning Sept. 26, customers can start their mornings right with the options in Delta’s new AM Snack Basket, which features a mix of fan favorites like Biscoff cookies, and flavorful new bites, like Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares.

The complimentary AM Snack Basket will be available for Delta Comfort+ customers on flights over 900 miles that depart between 5:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. and for First Class customers on flights between 251 and 1,499 miles that depart between 5:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.

Lunazul Blanco tequila

Back by popular demand, Delta is bringing tequila back on board. Starting this fall, customers can opt for Lunzaul Blanco Tequila as their spirit of choice. Exceptionally smooth and balanced with refreshing tropical and apple notes, Lunazul Blanco is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave and is the perfect sip for tequila enthusiasts.

Lunazul Blanco will be available in all cabins on domestic and U.S. originating international flights.

Voodoo Ranger IPA

Stay refreshed during your flight with a new beer option. Starting on Oct. 10, New Belgium Brewing’s Voodoo Ranger IPA will begin rolling out for customers flying domestic. Tropical and fruity in flavor, this IPA is the newest addition to Delta’s rotational beer program, where customers can try new sips from across the U.S.

Voodoo Ranger IPA will be complimentary to customers in First Class and Delta Comfort+ and for purchase to customers in Main Cabin on all domestic flights.


Delta is also enhancing its premium in-flight dining experience by adding new service touchpoints in Delta One cabin, expanding our popular pre-select program and refreshing menus for customers flying in Delta One and First Class. 


Enhanced Delta One service
Starting Sept. 12, Delta One customers will enjoy a new, plated appetizer course to complement their entrée. While settling in and sipping on their beverage of choice, customers can enjoy menu items like dill-cured salmon with pickled vegetables or Mexican shrimp cocktail. 

Regardless of where one is departing to or arriving from, Delta One customers will enjoy an elevated and consistent experience. Starting Sept. 12, all Delta One coast-to-coast and flights to Hawaii will mirror the best-in-class service already available on international flights. This includes heated nuts (a customer favorite!), an expanded wine selection, a special appetizer, the option of dessert or a fruit and cheese plate and espresso service (on select aircraft) to round out the meal. 

Pre-select expansion 
Delta is expanding its popular pre-select program, which gives customers flying in our Delta One and most domestic First Class cabins the opportunity to select their main meal up to seven days prior to departure, offering a more seamless, personalized and elevated experience. Starting Sept. 12, customers in most domestic First Class flights over 900 miles can select from exclusive, regional or limited-selection meal options – only available through pre-select – in addition to the standard menu available on board. 

Exciting seasonal menus
Delta is also rolling out refreshed menus in the Delta One and First Class cabins on domestic and international flights. Customers will experience more regional, more comforting, and more chef-designed dishes – options that are sure to excite even our most frequent fliers. As always, customer feedback informs everything we do; these new menus were designed by our in-house chefs and nutritionists and in collaboration with expert partners from across the world. Using historical data on meal preferences collected from thousands of flights, we’re able to track general trends and customer feedback to deliver an excellent dining experience that’s fresh, consistent and tailored to what customers are asking for.  


Click each image for information on new offerings and launch dates. 

Delta is proud to partner with acclaimed chef Mashama Bailey of The Grey in Savannah, Georgia to provide southern flavors to customers flying in the First Class cabin on eligible domestic flights departing from ATL. Try southern classics like curried chicken salad for lunch or dinner service and end the meal right with a southern chess pie bar, served with a Chantilly cream and pie crust crumble. 

These dishes are available to customers in the First Class cabin on select domestic flights over 900 miles  departing from ATL.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q’s popular beef short rib will be available as a dinner option for Delta One customers on international flights departing from ATL this fall. Served with creamy herb mashed potatoes, green beans, caramelized shallots and BBQ jus, this meal is the perfect dinner to keep the Atlanta vibes going.

These options are available for Delta One customers travelling internationally from ATL starting Sept. 12.

Beginning Sept. 12, customers flying in the First Class cabin will be able to select from exclusive seasonal meal choices if ordered through pre-select 24 hours+ before departure. Choose the autumn-inspired pumpkin spiced chia pudding with apples, figs and toasted pumpkin seeds for breakfast, a delectable charcuterie and cheese plate for lunch or a wellness meal, designed without the nine major food allergens*, composed of roasted chicken, quinoa, green beans, roasted tomato and grilled lemon for lunch or dinner.

Pictured dishes will be available as exclusive pre-select options for customers in First Class on select domestic routes over 900 miles.

*Entrée was not prepared in a facility free from allergen; therefore, we cannot be guaranteed that it is 100% allergen free.

Go meat-free with the delicious vegetarian mushroom ravioli with a red pepper butter sauce, wilted garlic spinach, artichoke, marinated tomato and parmesan. Indulge in the decadent chocolate fondant cake, served with a gooey fruit compote, to cap off the meal.  

These dinnertime options will be served to customers in First Class on select domestic routes over 900 miles.

Delta’s beloved classic cheeseburger is being refreshed with new toppings. Try it this fall with smooth smoked cheddar and tangy dill pickles on a buttery brioche bun or go for the field greens salad with burrata, topped with dried cranberries, chickpeas, toasted sunflower seeds and sesame dressing for lunch. Have a sweet tooth? Satisfy it with a triple chocolate chunk cookie, created by Seattle-based small business Bell’s Cookie Co.

These options will be available for lunch to customers in First Class on select domestic routes over 900 miles.

Customers flying to and from China can opt for a Chinese meal, specially curated for Delta by renowned chef Jereme Leung, instead of a western meal. The meal for customers exiting the U.S. features braised beef brisket, served with stir-fried beans with Chaozhou preserved olives, potatoes and carrots; a poached chicken with preserved Szechuan pickles starter; and a pork broth with Chinese yam, red dates and crispy rice. 

The meal is available for Delta One customers on flights going to China.

Customers have the chance to select a Korean meal in lieu of a Western meal when flying in Delta One on flights going to or from South Korea. Customers exiting the U.S. can delight in flavorful bibimbap with beef bulgogi, savory dried pollock soup and refreshing octopus salad with sesame and lemon.

This meal is available for Delta One customers on flights going to South Korea.

Enjoy a multi-course dining experience in Delta One on domestic transcontinental flights. This fall, customers departing from LAX can enjoy heated nuts upon departure. The offering will be followed by a chilled shrimp appetizer served with Calabrian aioli and lemon, go Italian with the Cacio e Pepe Lasagna featuring creamy bechamel or delectable braised meatballs with Bianco Di Napoli marinara, Gioia ricotta and garlic bread from Los Angeles-based culinary partners Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo. The meal will conclude with customer’s choice of dessert, including the new fruit and cheese plate.

The pictured dishes will be available to Delta One customers on transcontinental flights departing from LAX to BOS, DCA and JFK starting Sept. 12. Heated nuts, appetizers and fruit and cheese plates or a plated dessert will be available in Delta One on most flights starting Sept. 12.