In honor of Black History Month, Delta features employees who have made a mark on the airline's history as African-American aviation pioneers in a series titled, "Delta's Very Own Heroes."
TODAY's Jeff Rossen visited Delta's training center in Atlanta to learn how the airline is making a smoother flight possible with its innovative app for pilots.
Delta pilot Toni Wysong discusses her path to success as well as the obstacles she overcame - including a health crisis - along the way.
Throughout February, Delta is highlighting employees who have made their mark as African-American pioneers. A new pilot reflects on achieving his dreams and inspiring others to do the same.
Delta's first black female captain talks about her first taste of flying, being a history maker and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.
Aircraft in Mid Flight
No additional cancellations are anticipated this afternoon or evening. The airline plans to fly 610,000 people today.
Off-duty Delta pilots are expected to conduct informational picketing at eight large U.S. airports Friday morning as contract negotiations continue between Delta and the Air Line Pilots Association...

Flight Ops (Video)

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Operational History Graphic
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100 days with no cancelled flights in one year, never before achieved in aviation. And it's only September.
Behind view of 3 pilots in a cockpit
They cost millions to build and require great dexterity and judgment to “fly,” but they never leave the ground. They’re flight simulators, and they’ve played a critical role in aviation history and...