David Garrison, Sandy Gordon, Erik Snell and Gary Hammes are taking on new roles in the operations side of the airline.
Day in th eLife ACS OCC
In this "Tales from the Frontline" feature, a Detroit tower agent and Atlanta operations manager learn about each other's work.
Delta Duty Director Dan O'Brien
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ACS OCC job swap Screenshot
In the latest installment of our Delta job swap series, Detroit operations service manager Dail Griffin from Airport Customer Service ’s below wing division, traded places with senior flight ...
739 tail in hangar
This year is off to a record-breaking start as Delta over the weekend ended a more than 13-day streak of zero mainline cancellations. Not a one. For 318.9 hours ending Sunday, the global airline flew...
E175 Aircraft
Setting the bar high for the year, the six regional carriers flying under the Delta Connection brand accomplished its third consecutive day without a single cancellation on Wednesday. The solid...