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A look ahead: Delta to debut premium lounges and more in 2024

Delta’s new premium lounge experience will launch in JFK, LAX and BOS. In addition, Delta Sky Club will debut in Charlotte, add a second Club in Seattle, and expand the existing Miami and LGA Clubs.
A rendering of the bar at the new JFK Premium Lounge

2023 saw major upgrades and additions to the Delta Sky Club network, with five new Clubs and two expanded or reopened locations. And 2024 is shaping up to be even more eventful, as Delta’s long-awaited premium lounge experience brings a new, heightened level of service and hospitality to customers in JFK, LAX and BOS.  

JFK will host the inaugural premium lounge, a sweeping 38,000-square-foot space that will feature both a full-service brasserie and a casual, chef-assisted market with open kitchens, dedicated wellness areas and more. Just like Delta Sky Clubs, no two premium lounges will be alike; each location will include elements inspired by and unique to its host city.  

A rendering of the eating space at the new JFK Premium Lounge

While access guidelines for the premium lounge are still being finalized, Claude Roussel’s (Vice President – Sky Club and Lounge Experience) vision for the customer is clear. “We want each of our guests to receive a highly personalized and dedicated level of service,” he said. “It’s not enough to have beautiful spaces and exceptional offerings. Premium lounge customers should feel welcomed and known when they walk in the door, just as they would at their favorite hotel or restaurant. We look forward to providing that warm welcome and making ‘premium’ feel personal for each guest.” 

A rendering of the terrace at the new JFK Premium Lounge

Delta will open five new lounges in 2024, adding more than 2,700 seats to its lounge network between 2023 and this year. Here’s a closer look at what eligible customers can look forward to.  

New Clubs and expansions in key markets 

  • LGA: An expansion of the Terminal C Club will add a Sky Deck and more than 100 seats to the Club. Early summer 2024 

  • MIA: Following an expansion of the Club at Miami International Airport, the location will top 12,000 square feet with planned seating for 320 guests. Q2 2024  

  • JFK: The much-anticipated premium lounge will make its debut early summer 2024. At 38,000 feet (including a year-round terrace), JFK’s premium lounge will be the largest in the Delta network. June 2024 

  • CLT: A new market for Delta Sky Club, the first-ever Charlotte location will seat over 250 people and measure nearly 15,000 square feet. Q4 2024 

  • SEA: Delta Sky Club will open a 21,000-plus-square-foot location on Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s A Concourse, its second Club at the airport. Q4 2024 

  • LAX: Delta Sky Club will bring the premium experience to the west coast with the opening of the LAX premium lounge featuring an exclusive outdoor terrace. The 10,000-plus-square-foot space will be directly accessible by elevator from the Delta One check-in area. Q4 2024 

  • BOS: Rounding out the year, the new 6,300-square-foot BOS-E premium lounge will seat 120 customers. The premium lounge will be connected to the recently opened BOS-E Delta Sky Club; premium lounge guests will have access to both spaces. Q4 2024 

Continued spotlight on rising culinary stars 

Delta Sky Club’s Local Flavor program showcases a quarterly rotation of emerging hometown chefs, highlighting some of their most popular recipes for Club customers passing through. The program opens 2024 with the following line-up: 

  • BOS-E: Jeremy Sewall, acclaimed and award-winning chef behind recipes featuring New England seafood specialties.  Jeremy is head chef behind four Row 34 restaurants in the Boston area.  

  • LGA: Pasta-maker extraordinaire and fellow Top Chef alum Silvia Barban, the Italian-born chef behind Brooklyn’s LaRina restaurant. 

Local Flavor boasts an impressive roster of award-winning culinary talent. The 2024 James Beard Award® semifinalists include three Local Flavor alumni: Los Angeles-based Danielle Duran Zecca and New York City-based chefs JJ Johnson and Sujan Sarkar.  

New Delta Sky Clubs opened in 2023 include the only airport lounge in Kansas City’s newly renovated airport, a nature-inspired oasis on MSP’s G Concourse, a sleek second lounge on JFK’s T4 terminal, a nautical-themed Club on BOS’s E Concourse overlooking the Boston Harbor, and a larger, refreshed EWR lounge at Delta’s new Terminal A home.  

In 2023, Delta Sky Club was named the best lounge network for memberships by AFAR; its LAX Club was awarded as North America’s Best Airline Lounge by Business Traveler USA and named one of the world’s nine best airport lounges by Architectural Digest.  

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