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By the numbers: Delta Sync seatback brings more to SkyMiles members

More SkyMiles members than ever are enjoying immediate perks for their loyalty as Delta Air Lines seamlessly integrates SkyMiles membership, the Fly Delta app and Delta Sync products to create the ultimate personalized experience in the sky. With Delta Sync seatback expanding to additional aircraft and fast, free Wi-Fi installations continuing on international and domestic routes this year and into early 2025, the airline is setting a new standard for membership benefits.
Delta customers sitting in First Class enjoy seatback entertainment.

How many cutting-edge advancements does it take to bring customers a best-in-class entertainment experience at 30,000 feet? Let’s crunch the numbers: as Delta’s in-flight connectivity overhaul continues, the latest data tell a story of commitment to SkyMiles members – from fast, free Wi-Fi presented by T-Mobile to a new seatback experience that enhances the day-of travel experience and beyond with new smart TV features and live notifications about gate changes, bag tracking and more.

Delta Sync seatback is now available on 185 aircraft and is expanding to three additional fleet types.

Delta leads the industry with over 161,000 seatback screens across more than 850 aircraft, underscoring the airline’s dedication to the in-flight entertainment experience. In service of that dedication, Delta is expanding Delta Sync seatback this spring. Now available on all Airbus A321ceo and Boeing 757-200 (75D) aircraft, the airline plans to bring the new seatback screen product to Airbus A319s and A320s, as well as Boeing 737-800 aircraft, by the end of the summer.

First announced at CES 2023 and tested onboard select aircraft throughout the end of last year, Delta Sync seatback is a milestone update to the airline’s industry-leading seatback screens that make them feel more like smart TVs while offering a host of day-of-travel tools for SkyMiles members designed to streamline their travel journey1.

“Customers are loving our new personalized Delta Sync seatback screens – and they especially appreciate how easy it is to log in to the screen using the Fly Delta app,” said Ranjan Goswami, Senior Vice President-Customer Experience Design. “Just by being a SkyMiles member, customers can log in to a seatback screen that recognizes them, knows their preferences and helps effortlessly guide them throughout their travel day. This level of personalization and convenience is one way we’re redefining loyalty and what it means to be a SkyMiles member – and it unlocks the minute you join.”

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The new My Flight category includes details tailored to each logged-in user about their connecting flights, including terminal and gate locations as well as scheduled connection times. SkyMiles members who log in to Delta Sync seatback will also receive real-time notifications delivered directly to their seatback screen about any adjustments to their connecting flight’s schedule or other pertinent trip details.

More than 650 aircraft are in service today with fast, free Delta Sync Wi-Fi presented by T-Mobile.

Delta continues to carry out its industry-leading commitment to bringing free, streaming-quality connectivity to its entire global fleet, and Delta teams are hard at work ensuring they have the best technology onboard to deliver the experience customers expect at scale and reliably across the network. Connectivity at this scale remains unmatched in the industry.

Fast, free Delta Sync Wi-Fi is the ultimate unlock to personalized experiences for SkyMiles members, whether on personal devices or seatback screens. Since launching Delta Sync Wi-Fi in February 2023, 39 million customers have logged more than 45 million streaming-quality sessions onboard.

Delta expects the vast majority of customers – more than 90% – will have access to fast, free Delta Sync Wi-Fi by the end of this year.

The airline expects nearly all domestic narrowbody aircraft will have Delta Sync Wi-Fi by the end 2024. Most widebody aircraft serving domestic and international routes are also expected to have upgraded Viasat connectivity by the end of the year, with free Wi-Fi offered on a route-by-route basis.

Streaming-capable Hughes connectivity is on its way to Delta’s fleet of more than 400 regional jets as well as to its Boeing 717 fleet, with the first regional aircraft set to come online later this year. Select regional and international routes are expected to come online into 2025, including those serviced by Boeing 717 aircraft.

As Delta outfits its widebody aircraft with upgraded Wi-Fi and rigorously evaluates its performance, free Wi-Fi will be phased by market as high-quality, reliable service becomes available. This strategy mirrors the approach taken with domestic installations in 2022 and aims to deliver a premium customer experience.

Experts from Delta TechOps are methodically retrofitting each aircraft in the fleet one-by-one to bring fast, free Wi-Fi onboard.


Through accessing Delta Sync Wi-Fi, more than 2 million new SkyMiles members have joined the loyalty program.

As customer expectations evolve and high travel demand continues, Delta is focused on delivering immediate benefits to SkyMiles membership. View the updated fast, free Wi-Fi and Delta Sync media kit for more details on the rollout and how Delta is enriching the SkyMiles member experience from the moment they choose Delta.

SkyMiles members can now unlock access to shop a limited edition, seven-piece collection through the new Delta Shop.
Fly Delta Jets logo on t-shirts and a hat along with the Delta widget on a backpack and fanny pack

Available exclusively in-flight when logged in to Delta Sync Wi-Fi, SkyMiles members can show their love for travel with Delta’s limited-edition collection in the new Delta Shop. The collection is inspired by the iconic Fly Delta Jets neon sign that has welcomed travelers to and from Atlanta for over 50 years. More unique Delta items will be added to Delta Shop soon.

Lit up Fly Delta Jets sign at the Delta World Headquarters in Atlanta
Customers can enjoy more than 300 movies, 500 TV episodes, and 120 playlists and podcasts. That’s nearly 1,000 pieces of free, hand-picked entertainment onboard!

Enjoy fresh selections coming this month to Delta Studio on Delta’s 161,000 seatback screens– the most seatback screens of any U.S.-based carrier. Be sure to check out this month’s content, including:

  • Complimentary access to breaking news, live sports and a Mountain of Entertainment™ – all topped off with up to 24 hours of continuous access to Paramount+2.
  • A new collection celebrating Women’s History Month that was curated by Delta's SHE Business resource Group and Women in Film (WIF), a non-profit that advocates for and advances the careers of women working in the screen industries, both in front of and behind the camera.
  • The opportunity to learn from the world's best with a rotating inflight collection of classes from MasterClass, only onboard Delta.

See more of what’s onboard on Delta Studio on

3 tips for a seamless Delta Sync experience:

  1. Visit for more information on what Wi-Fi service to expect on your next flight.
  2. If you haven’t already, join SkyMiles® for free! With your SkyMiles credentials in hand, you’ll be ready to log in to Delta Sync Wi-Fi the moment the boarding door closes and enjoy in-flight access to curated entertainment, exclusive offers and more from brands you love like Paramount+ and Walmart+, and more. 
  3. Download the Fly Delta app for iOS and Android. This popular app is your ultimate travel companion, unlocking the personalized Delta Sync seatback experience and providing many of the same tools and flexibility as Delta’s Reservations center. 


Ahead of his appearance as a keynote speaker at APEX TECH in Los Angeles, Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta's Managing Director of Customer Experience, Delta Studio & Wi-Fi, talks to APEX Insights about the carrier’s groundbreaking reinvention of its in-flight entertainment and connectivity offering – from the team behind the product to features and more.

Through the warmth and service of the Delta people and the power of innovation, Delta never stops looking for ways make every trip feel made for you. Learn more about Delta Sync on

1Customers who choose not to pair their SkyMiles account to the seatback screen will still be able to enjoy the hours of hit movies, TV series and audio content but will not have access to the personalization features associated with the new logged-in experience.

2SkyMiles members in the US who do not have an existing Paramount+ subscription or trial will be eligible for a free trial of Paramount+ Premium from the start of their flight originating in the US for up to 24 hours. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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