Delta people demonstrated the power of the airline’s culture by supporting their aviation colleagues with food, donations and kind words.​
Starting this year, international customers can use facial recognition technology from curb to gate at ATL’s International Terminal and Concourse F.
The addition is part of Delta and the TSA’s continued effort to introduce technology that enhances security effectiveness while decreasing the time customers spend in screening.
Delta's partnership with biometric identity platform CLEAR and investments in new automated security lanes will help get you to your flight quickly.
Customers of the Delta partner airline will enjoy a hassle-free security process that saves precious time when departing from participating U.S. airports.
Peter Neffinger cited the lanes as a key component in improving airport security efficiency in a U.S. Senate hearing.
Delta gifted the TSA two innovation lanes this week at the airline’s hometown Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The lanes speed up wait times at security by providing five divestment...
Airline invests nearly $5 million in supplemental staffing at security checkpoints at 32 airports and first U.S. innovation lanes at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
With spring break swinging into action and people looking to thaw out some place warm, Delta wants to remind customers to pack smart so that airport security restrictions don’t slow down the fun...