In a video, a family of Delta pilots across three generations celebrate the retirement of one and the budding career of another.
Throughout February, Delta is highlighting employees who have made their mark as African-American pioneers. A new pilot reflects on achieving his dreams and inspiring others to do the same.
Atlanta-based pilots Capt. Wendell Nissing and his daughter, First Officer Tara Keough, are now one of a handful of Delta families who have co-piloted a flight.

Flight Ops (Video)

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Flanigan was the longest-serving Delta pilot when he retired in 2013.
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Kerr was part of the first all-black female flight crew in U.S. history.
cal flanigan historic retirement flight
At Delta, two black pioneers are among those who have secured places in aviation and american history: Cal Flanigan and Rachelle Kerr.
Delta's first female pilot in front of the museum
On Saturday, Delta’s first female pilot, retired Captain Joy Walker, will take to the skies again to mark another “first” in the airline’s history book. She, along with more than 130 girls ages 12-18 ...
Behind view of 3 pilots in a cockpit
They cost millions to build and require great dexterity and judgment to “fly,” but they never leave the ground. They’re flight simulators, and they’ve played a critical role in aviation history and...
Delta has cancelled an order for 20 used Embraer E190 and 40 new Boeing 737-900ER aircraft after pilots rejected a tentative contract proposal. “Those orders will be cancelled,” CEO Richard Anderson...