Delta offsets carbon emissions from team’s 2017 air travel in partnership with Cedar Grove Composting
Commitment also benefits Raleigh-Durham urban areas with 1,000 new trees.
Delta has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the seventh straight year. The index is considered the gold standard for corporate sustainability. The Dow Jones Sustainability North...
Delta’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report provides a look at the company’s approach to being a good steward of the environment, a positive force in communities and a great place to work and fly.
Ten years ago, Delta became the first airline with a comprehensive recycling program for cans, newspapers, water bottles and snack containers. Read on for more highlights of the program.
The airline is offsetting emissions on all domestic travel at six major airports as part of its effort to contribute to environmental progress.
The Nature Conservancy's CEO explains how he's using his business know-how to convince others environmentalism is good for the planet and the economy, in this month's 'Sky' magazine.
Global airline industry policy makers meet next week to discuss capping airline emissions on international flights. Delta is steps ahead, as it has achieved carbon-neutral growth since 2012.